Clermont is a unique furniture brand, where comfort meets style. It is characterized by simplicity and unique designs. Proudly Egyptian … Truly International…

Clermont was established through many motives. The motives of passion, experience and competition are the most important motives for establishing Clermont for the manufacture of furniture and interior architecture accessories. It is the passion for architecture and decoration and the aspiration to produce an Egyptian product of high quality that can compete in all global markets with the availability of elements of beauty, design, durability and sophistication of all products.




Branding, Website, Photography

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Breaf & idea.

Our services include but not limited to creating a brand persona, visual elements and adjusting customer experience and expectations.

These are the customer-facing assets; it’s how we dress s brand if it were a person. The visual design features include (but aren’t limited to) the following: logo design, strong and creative business name, color palette and fonts and typography.

Solid and effective ecommerce branding is about building a solid relationship with the target customer. Although tactical, branding is primarily an art in itself. This tiny yet significant piece separates excellent brands from good ones in the industry.

Our ecommerce branding is crucial for business growth. Effective branding means customers will pick you over the competition, giving you a strong competitive advantage.